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What is
The Renegade University?


When we want to learn a new skill so that we can get a good job, we attend a school that teaches what we will need and want to learn.

When it comes to building your home business, the best way to learn is from others who have already built successful home businesses.

The Renegade University is a step-by-step course on everything you could want to learn about social networking, otherwise known as Web 2.0.

You will be able to sign up for free to test it out to see if you like the way Mike teaches. In doing so, you will already have free advertising placed on the internet for free in your first few days!

Next, move up to the pro level at the University to lean even more such as how to post a free Squidoo Lens and why, what is Book Marketing and how to use it to market yourself on line, as well as video marketing which is the newest wave of social marketing. And don't forget about getting your own Twitter account.

The Renegade University is so well put together that you can take a class online any time it fits your lifestyle. Some people have time in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the evening or even late night.

The beauty about the Renegade University is that it is there for you to learn any time of the day you want to learn. You will be pleased at how these classes teach you about attraction marketing methods step-by-step.

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